Wood and Vinyl Storage Buildings

Only the highest quality products are sold at Continental Cap City.  We will deliver, set up, and secure your new building. There are many options available, based on your needs and desires.  Here are some of these options:

* Windows   * Insulated Windows
* Work Benches   * Peg Boards
* Extra Vents   * Shelves
* Flower Boxes   * Electrical Wiring
* Burglar Alarms   * Vinyl
* Paneling   * Insulation
* Panel Boxes   * Shutters
* Carpet   * Skylights
* Porches with Pickets   * Two-Story
* Steel House Type Doors   * Interior Doors
* Partition Walls   * Lofts
* Built On Site   * Roll-Up Garage Doors
* Ramps    

* And many more options to choose from!


See the information below on how well built our products are:


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Wood Buildings:  Painted Hardboard & Pressure Treated Siding


The Floor

  • Pressure treated runners, joists, bands and purlins are used to construct the sub floor
  • There is a lifetime warranty on all pressure treated lumber in floor
  • Floor joists are spaced 12" on center
  • High quality 5/8" underlayment plywood is used on the floor

The Walls & Siding

  • Wall studs are constructed from 2x4 lumber
  • Studs are spaced 16" on center
  • Studs are doubled on joints where 4' siding is used
  • 3 Studs are used as corner braces
  • A double top plate is used on buildings 12' or wider
  • High quality painted hardboard siding, pressure treated T-111 siding or vinyl siding is used
  • Windows are sturdy storm windows with screen
  • All doors are triple hinged
  • Vents are installed on each gable
  • All siding installed comes with a warranty

The Roof

  • All trusses are spaced 24" on center
  • Supports are placed between trusses on eave to help support the soffit
  • Building is constructed with an overhang on all 4 sides
  • High quality 7/16" OSB sheathing is used on roof
  • #15 lb. felt paper is used between sheathing and shingles
  • Metal roof edging is used on all 4 sides of roof
  • Shingles come with a 25 year warranty






Vinyl Buildings

We also assemble your building on site:

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