Carports & Garages

Continental Cap City offers high quality carports and garages.  Each garage is designed for ruggedness and only to the highest standards for years of service. 
Below are the color choices available:

Why Engineering Matters:

It's a sad fact, but in the freestanding carport industry, most of the units you see won't even meet the most basic building codes.  Many insurance companies won't pay a claim for storm damage caused by building collapse if the building was not installed in accordance with local building codes.

Engineering is an integral part of every unit we sell.  Our products meet or exceed virtually all building codes nationwide.  You obtain your local building permit, and we will provide your building to meet code.


Our commitment to quality is your assurance of serviceability and of lasting value.  Don't risk your hard-earned money on a "copycat" building.

Our buildings and garages have been the industry leader for years.  Our manufacturers were the first to introduce square structural tubing, truss designs, powder coating, and engineering to our industry. 


Unlike many of our competitors who use utility grades of tubing and roofing "seconds" which cannot be honestly engineered, our manufacturers use only certified construction grade steel and first quality sheeting that can be tested and engineered to guarantee years of reliable, predictable service.

If you're looking for a carport, garage, or specialty building, don't risk your investment dollars on a "backyard built" structure that has not been designed to meet your building codes.

Quality Design:

Our manufacturers carports have been installed from the hurricane prone beaches of South Florida to the bitter winter areas of upstate Michigan and New York.

They are engineered units that can withstand 130-mile-an-hour winds or three to four feet of snow.  

If our buildings meet the stringent specifications of these and other customers, we can meet your particular needs as well.


Your project is important to us.  Choosing one of our buildings is you best assurance you are getting the latest design technology in the metal building industry - making for a fast, economical job with the quality to provide years of carefree use. 

Whether it's a high-tech, specialized, one-of-a-kind building to cover a multi-million dollar telescope, or a hay storage shed down in the barnyard, we can do it the way you want it done.  We work for you, and we'll install a structurally sound building to serve whatever purpose you need.

Excellent Protection:

Your carport needs to be strong enough to withstand the worst nature has to offer - not just keeping the sun and rain off your car or boat on a lazy summer day.  Our structural steel tubing is more than three times stronger than aluminum, spans far greater distances, and can stand up to a winter storm or those harsh summertime hurricanes.  Our all-steel design will give you the strength and low maintenance which only steel can provide, at a price comparable to wood.


Every roof rail sixteen feet or wider is precision fabricated into a "truss" to meet the toughest conditions you are likely to encounter anywhere in the country.  We don't cut corners!

Our buildings are built  for strength and durability.  When Hurricanes Floyd and Dennis swept through the Carolinas in 1999, not one single unit out of thousands installed by our manufacturer failed to meet the challenge of high winds and swirling debris.  Don't take chances on a flimsy structure damaging your valuables!



Our engineer-designed and certified heavy-duty truss rails enable us to build clear span units up to 40 feet wide and 14 feet high at the eaves.  This makes it possible to design canopies and garages suitable for a variety of uses. 

We can help you customize a building to suit your needs using our professional, experienced, design staff.  In most cases we can make your building as high, wide, and long as you want.  We can put in doors, windows, skylights, vents, and openings.  Whatever the job, we will take care of you...... We treat our customers the way we want to be treated!